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Great Leap forward for technological innovation for the future.
The fine-line technology of MITANI MICRO has brought into fruition by the highest level of the thick film technique which started from the screen mask ,high in quality and high in stability.
MITANI MICRO is pushing forwards technological innovation ranging from thermal printer heads, metal photo-etching to multi-layer hybrid IC to VLSI circuit design ,based on manufacture of the high precision photo mask.
There is no limit to the application of electronics, and yet the fierce competition in this fast-growing market which varieties of technology are put together and optimal economic demand.
Therefore, there is no satisfaction at any one time.
Top priority of MITANI MICRO is that give customer to the quality product which acquires faithful and satisfaction by high in commercial production / high in productivity / immediate-delivery system.
MITANI MICRO hold "in touch with people "in high esteem so that long dealing with customer for acquiring faithful lead substantial service.


As leaders in electronic publishing, our strength lies in the combination of three things: our technology, personnel, and manufacturing abilities.

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