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Screen Mask

Outline of Screen Mask

Outline of Screen Mask

Mitani Micronics is a pioneer of screen masks for electronic components.
Our screen masks have been widely used from various kinds of electronic components such as capacitors, inductors and chip resistors to solar cells and touch panels.

Uses of Screen Masks

  • chip parts (capacitor, chip resistor, inductor, thermistor, etc.)
  • touch panel
  • LCD seal printing
  • LTCC
  • solar cell electrode printing

Transition of total pitch dimension accuracy (three sigma of shipped screens)

Transition of total pitch dimension accuracy (three sigma of shipped screens)

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The feature of  MFT mesh

Dimension stability of high-precision screen masks can be further improved by adopting MFT Mesh.
MFT Mesh is a screen mesh with high strength and extremely low elongation, and also excels in paste release.
After its launch, many customers have experienced the good performance.
It is possible to print at low pressure, which reduces the printing burden and enables long life.

Strength Comparison between MFT Mesh and SF Mesh (internal data)

MFT mesh is superior in strength and durability to SF mesh. / crystalline solar cells finger line screen printing

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Highly minute mask [MFT430]

Our next proposal is a screen mask of MFT Mesh for extra-fine line printing.
To print lines of pattern width of 30µm or less, high-density mesh (mesh count: 500 or more) has been used.
We recommend the use of "MFT430" (mesh count: 430, thread diameter: 13µm) which exceeds the conventional products in quality.
The screen mask of MFT Mesh can realize fine line printing and long life because the mesh has high opening rate of 61% and at the same time high strength.
Fine-line printing requires the mesh thread diameter to be small, which has decreased the strength and dimension stability of the screen.
MFT430 is an innovative screen mesh to solve such a problem.

MFT image

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New emulsion [M110]

We have continued to raise the quality of screen printing by self-developing and self-manufacturing emulsion essential for screen printing, instead of purchasing from other suppliers.
Recently we released new emulsion "M110" which has solvent resistance and is specialized in fine line printing.
We realize that M110 upgrades our screen masks.
By combining experiences for many years, know-how and new developing environments and materials, we will continue to make products to meet your needs and expectations.

Three Features of M110

High Solvent Resistance

Superior to almost all our existing emulsions.

High Resolution Performance

High resolution from extremely-fine lines of 20µm to 50~100µm lines.

Paste Passage

Good paste passage in high-aspect printing.
Especially, best suited for solar cell finger electrode printing.

New emulsion [M110] is our self-developed and self-made product.
Our screen masks are manufactured with high-quality emulsion.

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Mesh Lineup

The key to high-precision screen masks is mesh.
Eight types of meshes are available including our self-manufactured "MFT Mesh".
We offer the mesh best suited for your use, in light of its properties, performance and cost.

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