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Screen Printer

Outline of Screen Printer : Standard printers developed by fine-line printing technology and know-how for many years.

For various prints such as touch panels and electrode substrates for solar cells.

Mitani Micronics's screen printers are user-friendly and longtime sellers.
A series of operations from setup to printing are very simple and easy.
We have a long history of more than 30 years in manufacturing screen printers.
Our printers have been continuously used for trials and semi-mass production with satisfaction by many customers engaged in research and development (research institutes such as laboratories and universities, and companies).
Masks for the printer can be quickly made tailored to your needs.
Also available are various optional specifications according to your printing use, consumable supplies such as squeegees and cleaning liquids and frames for the size of your substrates.
We offer all kinds of items related to printing.
"Semi-automatic printer" works for small to medium production, and for full-scale mass production, we recommend "Full-automatic printer" which can add in a loader and unloader.

Main Substrates

Applicable to substrates with various materials and silicon wafer substrates.

  • Ceramic substrate
  • Glass epoxy substrate
  • Glass substrate
  • Silicon wafer substrate
  • Film substrate

Manual Screen Printers "MEC-2400" "MEC-3000" "MEC-4000"

Main Features

MEC-2400 is a manual screen printer we developed and produced. Three models are available by applicable frame size (four types).(MEC-2400E is a simple type of MEC2400.)

  • Simple setup and fast printing best for small lot production, trials and experiments.
  • Manipulator (X / Y / θ) with micrometers by 10µm enables easy reading and quick adjustment.
  • Clearance in Z direction is easy to adjust in accordance with substrate thickness.
  • Available options are squeegee slider specification which assists squeegeeing in printing, an aluminum fixture for a substrate and a vacuum pump

Applicable frame sizes

Model Frame size Print area Machine size
MEC-2400 320×320 (mm) 170×170 (mm) 550×430×280 (mm)
MEC-2400E 320×320 (mm) 170×170 (mm) 510×430×250 (mm)
MEC-3000 450×450 (mm) 200×200 (mm) 745×520×280 (mm)
MEC-4000 550×650 (mm) 250×330 (mm) 825×750×280 (mm)


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Fixture for Printer

We can customize an aluminum fixture to the size of your substrate.
By attaching the fixture to the printer, you can start printing smoothly.

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Vacuum Pump

Assists printing by fixing a substrate set in a fixture by air.

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