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Environment/Quality policy

  1. We abide by the requirements of the ISO9001 standard and requirements of laws and regulations to constantly provide our customers with highly reliable products, and the requirements of the ISO14001 standard and the related environment laws and other requirements we consent to. For the above purposes, we construct and implement our environmental and quality management systems.
  2. We strive to make continuous improvement and eradicate nonconformity so that we can understand the needs of our customers precisely and excel in "quality, delivery time and service". We also set environmental objectives and targets on our own responsibility, preserve environment and prevent environmental pollution.
  3. In promoting business activities, we create and execute an integration management plan and seek continuous improvement by periodic reconsideration including management review.
  4. We secure resources necessary to implement and improve environmental and quality management systems.
  5. We set the correct working methods and quality targets and make concerted efforts to achieve customer satisfaction and trust by working to the methods and attaining the targets. We save resources and energy to reduce environmental impact.
  6. We provide all employees with education and training to raise awareness about environment and quality and inform them of the environment and quality policies.
  7. We release these policies via our website and other means to inside and outside our company.

Jun 21, 2024
Mitani Micronics Co.,Ltd
President Takahiro Yano

ISO9001 / ISO14001 Certification

Mitani Micronics, who acquired the international standard for quality (management) system ISO9001 certification, offers high-quality products which are reliable and satisfactory to you from design and development to production.
Furthermore, we acquired the international standard for environment (management) system ISO14001 certification and strive to reduce environmental burdens in our activities from design and development to production and sale for coexistence of global environment protection and our business.

ISO9001 / ISO14001 Certification

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