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Screen Mask (Mesh)

 Stainless Steel Mesh

Suitable for printing which requires high resolution performance and position accuracy.
Widely used for various types of displays which need fine pattern printing, electronic components such as chip resistors and chip inductors, multilayered LTCC and so on.

SUS400/23 / CAL400/23

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Polyester Mesh

Superior in elasticity, resilience and cost performance, compared to stainless steel mesh.
There are many printable items including PCB, and extensively used for general screen printing.

Polyester #180 mesh

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 SF (Super Fine) Mesh

Compared to the conventional stainless steel mesh, the thread diameter is small and opening ratio is high (59∼64%).
Features good release of paste, high tensile strength and little elongation, and appropriate for highly accurate fine line printing.


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3D Mesh

By special weaving method, the mesh thickness is about 50 percent larger than that of the conventional stainless steel mesh.
In thick paste printing, whereas low density mesh with thick thread makes mesh mark stand out, 3D Mesh enables high-quality printing because the thread is thinner.


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 MFT Mesh

The dimension stability and printing performance are enhanced by using material with elongation lower than that of SF Mesh.
With this MFT Mesh, dimensional elongation and distortion caused by printing can be dramatically improved.

Four Features of MFT Mesh


1.Printing Dimension Accuracy

Elongation of mesh material is extremely low, which increases printing dimension accuracy.

2.Paste Passage

Good paste passage makes printing clearance small.

3.Paste Release

High opening rate enhances paste release.

4.Small Impact on Mesh Intersections

The small thread diameter has little influence on mesh intersections.


  • Printing which requires dimension stability and fineness such as LTCC layer printing.
  • Electrode printing of crystalline solar cells which requires high-aspect printing.
  • High-definition chip parts

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α mesh / β mesh

We stopped accepting requests for α mesh and β mesh. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Flat screen plate made by electroforming nickel.
No mesh mark on printed items as they are not woven and have no bump on mesh intersections.
Thin film (layer) plate with flat and smooth surface and ideal for items to be printed thinly.

α mesh / β mesh

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Made of new material polyarylate.
Excels in dimensional accuracy with low elongation and high elasticity and suited for high-precision printing.

V380 Mesh

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PM (Plating Metal)

PM mask is nickel-plated on emulsion-coated parts of a stainless steel mesh screen.
The pattern area is made of solid nickel plating and has abrasion resistance and solvent resistance,
and the mask has been used for years for its long life.
Best for printing LCD seals sensitive to mesh mark of alignment film because the printing surface is flat.

PM (Plating Metal) / PM cross-sectional image figure

The list mesh handling here(PDF)

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